Angus Council campaign helps people receive benefits

ANGUS residents are better off by over £2 million thanks to a benefits take up campaign launched by Angus Council.

Recognising that there was evidence of significant under-claiming of housing and council tax benefit, the authority launched its drive to ensure residents were receiving what they are entitled to.

And statistics revealed at the meeting of the corporate services committee on Thursday showedthat the initiative has generated thousands of new claims.

Among the methods used to identify residents who may be entitled to housing and council tax benefit were enhanced focused staff training, joint working within the council and with external agencies, and a publicity campaign.

Committee convener Councillor Mark Salmond said: “Across the UK there is a significant amount of under-claiming of benefits, and we wanted to try to maximise the benefit take-up levels in Angus. The success of this campaign has ensured that many more people who are entitled are now receiving these benefits.

“This has increased the money available to low income families which in turn helps to decrease hardship and debt and has a beneficial effect on the Angus economy.”