Angus College scholarships for Malawi students

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ANGUS College has this year awarded scholarships to two overseas students to help them finish their studies.

Every year, the Arbroath-based learning establishment provides scholarship funding for a student at the Don Bosco College in Malawi through the Angus College International Award, and this year two students were named.

Mercy Ndalama has seven siblings, meaning that her parents cannot afford to support her as she studies tailoring, and as a result relies on sponsorships, like that from Angus College.

Thanks to the skills she has learned at college she is able to earn some money from sewing clothes which covers her accommodation and living costs.

A second student, Welcome Chipaza, will also receive a scholarship from Angus College. Welcome is in his second year of a mechanical engineering course and has come close to dropping out of college because he could not afford the fees.

For the past three years Angus College has been part of a Scottish colleges international development project with Malawi working with college staff and students in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Through this project a number of Angus College staff have seen first-hand the positive opportunities the further education sector can offer to Malawian students.