An ‘ice’ way to bring in 2012

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THE SECOND annual Arbroath New Year’s Day dook saw 66 people start off 2012 with a very cold splash!

The dook, which is held to raise money for Cancer Research UK, sees the new year brought in with brave dookers taking to the icy waters of the sea at the West Links for a quick dip.

At the inaugural charity event last year, 37 people took to the water with many hundreds more standing on the shoreline to offer support.

But this year 66 brave dippers took to the sea, once again supported by others who watched cheering them on.

Organisers, the Angus local committee of Cancer Research UK, were thrilled with the success of this year’s dook and committee member Alana Loudon was especially delighted.

She said: “It was difficult to predict how many people were going to come on the day but my aim was to get 50 people in the water.

“And the fact that we got 66 people taking part shows how we exceeded this.

“The water was bitterly cold but apart from that it was a lovely day and we were really lucky with the weather.

“I think most people just went in for a quick dip while others stayed in a little bit longer.

“It was also great to see the amount of people taking part in costumes and the fancy dress and Cancer Research UK T-shirts really added to the occasion.”

The dook event started at Gayfield at 1.30 p.m., before the participants and supporters were piped to the West Links by young piper Jack Newth who carried on playing his pipes whilst in the water.

Members of the Arbroath RNLI crew and St Andrews Ambulance were also on hand throughout the dook.

Sponsorship money from the event is still trickling in to organisers and the Angus committee of Cancer Research UK hope to have calculated the total amount raised by the end of the month.

But already attention is starting to turn to 2013 as the Arbroath New Year’s Day dook becomes a permanent fixture on the town’s calendar.

Alana added: “I think we will go for three years in a row as I have had people asking about New Year’s Day 2013 already!

“We wanted it to become an annual event and it is going that way now.

“It is not expensive to do as the sea is just there.

“So all the profits we make can go to Cancer Research UK.”

Anybody who took part in the dook and didn’t receive a T-shirt for taking part can contact Alana to arrange to get one.