American links for Abbey Action Group

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THE ARBROATH Abbey Action Group is hoping to forge closer links with four US cities which hold annual Tartan Day parades as April 6 approaches.

New York City, Boston, Chicago and Seattle hold processions to celebrate all things Scottish on the day the Declaration of Arbroath was signed.

And now the action group has contacted the organisers of the four parades to wish them luck and pass on warm greetings from the place where Tartan Day all began.

The group has also been in touch with newspapers from all four cities to offer them help with any historical aspect of Tartan Day they may want to use in their coverage.

And it is hoped any links made with the four cities will in turn help promote Arbroath Abbey as a destination for American tourists to visit on a trip to Scotland, especially as it is suggested the Declaration of Arbroath was the inspiration of the American Declaration of Independence.

Closer to home, the Tartan Day Scotland festival will begin on Friday, March 29, until Sunday, April 6, with events taking place across Angus.

And on Saturday, April 6, at the usual time of 1.20 p.m., the declaration re-enactment by the Arbroath Abbey Timethemes will take place at Abbey.