Album is a songbook all about Arbroath

Local band Slipway. Pictured are: Tony Simpson, Alan Mowatt and Ian Lamb.
Local band Slipway. Pictured are: Tony Simpson, Alan Mowatt and Ian Lamb.

Smokies, Bell Rock, the cliffs and the Lichties - these are all the things that make Arbroath, Arbroath.

And an album is being released to honour some of the things that have shaped the town, as well as to raise money for local causes.

Arbroath band Slipway, made up of Ian Lamb on guitar, Alan Mowatt on vocals and Tony Simpson on accordion and keyboards, have produced record An Arbroath Songbook.

One of the songs on the CD features the voices of 31 school children from Timmergreens Primary School.

Ian explained: “It goes right back to 2011/2012 when it was the year of light for the bicentenary of the Bell Rock Lighthouse. I hadn’t written a song for a long time and I thought I must write one for the bicentenary.

“I had an idea about three months later. I had a couple of lines in my head and then I wrote the song in about 20 minutes.

“I thought it would be a good idea to have an album of songs about Arbroath.”

Ian, Alan and Tony have been playing together for years and the other two took to his idea of creating an album of songs about the town.

In 2016, the trio decided to go for it.

They contacted Arbroath Guildry and the Arbroath Improvement Trust to see if they would finance the CD, so the trio could sell the album for charity.

Thanks to the guildry and trust the CD was recorded at Seagate Studios in Dundee.

P6 pupils from Timmergreens Primary feature on one of the tracks - Fit O’ The Toon (the Smokies Song).

The youngsters performed the tune with Slipway in a charity concert in 2014 when they were in P3 and three years later when the trio came to record the song they brought the pupils back in.

Ian said: “It’s a simple song with quite catchy lyrics and I thought it would work with children’s’ voices on it.

“My wife was the deputy head of Timergreens. We met with the school and they selected P3 to sing.

“We said to the kids that if we were to make it a record they were the children we wanted to sing on it.

“It works really well with the kids’ voices on it. It’s a big part of the CD.

“It is a project that has been done in Arbroath, by Arbroath, for Arbroath. “

An Arbroath Songbook is being released on


It will be available from Abbey Music, the Signal Tower Museum and the Meadowbank Inn for £10 with all the money raised from the sales going to charities within the