Aiming to maximise housing allocations

THE RECENT methods of allocating of new-build council housing in Angus, combined with a down-sizing incentive scheme, has aided 57 housing applicants.

At their meeting on Tuesday, members of Angus Council neighbourhood services committee heard that the allocation of the 10 new-build houses in Kinloch Street, Burgh School Close and Dundee Street, Carnoustie, had been used to create a chain of allocations from within existing housing stock.

Committee convener, Councillor Donald Morrison, said: “We want to maximise the number of people who will benefit from the allocation of each new house. In some cases, this will mean a family moving into a home which better fits their needs, or will give someone their first tenancy.

“We plan to continue allocating new-build council houses from the common housing register using the methods we’ve adopted for the Carnoustie housing allocations.”

The voluntary downsizing incentive scheme, which has been run as a pilot project for a year, offers tenants the opportunity to move to a smaller property with lower rent and fuel bills as their housing needs change. There are financial incentives available to tenants meeting the criteria, and larger homes are freed up for re-let to families.

The convener added: “These two initiatives give us the opportunity to make the best use of the existing social rented housing stock in Angus and maximise the number of tenancy allocations.”