After 50 years ASC sign off with a win

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ARBROATH SC marked their last ever game with a victory after deciding to fold in their golden jubilee year.

The junior football club took the decision last week after failing to agree terms with Angus Council on a lease for their home ground of Seaton Park.

The park has been deemed surplus to council requirements and will be regenerated as part of the Cliffburn Regeneration Project.

ASC were faced with finding a new home and even though they were offered a further two year lease of Seaton Park, the £11,000 rent which has risen from £900, proved a stumbling block.

On Saturday John Snowdon became the final ASC player to score for the club when he netted in the 1-0 win against Montrose Roselea.

However, an Arbroath councillor has said it’s not too late for ASC to reverse their decision to fold and negotiations on the lease could re-open.

Councillor Peter Nield said: “Upon reading in the Herald of the decision by ASC to fold after Saturday’s game I was shocked that they had come to such a quick decision.

“Councillors had already committed themselves to helping ASC find a home and we would have helped them find a suitable place to continue the car-booting too.

“It is not too late, if ASC want to get round the table and re-open negotiations. Angus Council directors are just a phone-call away.”

Councillor Nield added that he believed ASC had been told Seaton Park would be regenerated and were given time to make alternative arrangements.

He explained: “Education, which was the original department responsible for the site, had contacted them on numerous occasions over the last two years about this matter and forewarned them the site would not be re-let.

“However it is clear, this site is and always has been since the Cliffburn regeneration project started, earmarked for redevelopment and ASC has had plenty of notice.

“Though he is on holiday I have contacted Councillor David Fairweather and he shares my disappointment that ASC have decided not to spend this coming year, with council support, planning for a move, so come May, 2012, they would have had a new home and a new car boot sales location.”

l John Snowdon connects with the ball to bundle home ASC’s last ever goal.