Advice for Deaf Awareness Week

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People in Arbroath have been challenged to be more deaf aware during Deaf Awareness Week this week.

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland has published some easy to follow tips to help improve communications during Deaf Awareness Week which runs until Sunday.

They are: Make sure you have a person’s attentions before speaking; pick somewhere well-lit so that you can be lip-read; places with little or no background noise are also good; face the person and speak clearly and plainly with normal lip movements and facial expressions; check the person understands what you are saying, and if not, rephrase it; keep your voice down, it can be uncomfortable for hearing aid users and shouting can look aggressive; when working with a colleague with hearing loss, make sure and face them so it is easier to draw their attention.

Delia Henry, director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland said: “One in six people in Arbroath have some form of hearing loss that can affect their communication with friends, family or colleagues. Taking the simple steps to be deaf aware can make the difference between someone feeling included or feeling excluded.”