Action needed over visual vandalism

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HIGH Street traders are worried fly-posting is causing investors to overlook the town as paraphernalia is strewn across empty shops.

Several businesses fear that the fly-posting is unsightly and any businesses looking to come to Arbroath will be put off by the appearance of some of the empty shops.

As our picture shows, many of the vacant units in the pedestrianised part of the High Street are covered in posters, and other shopkeepers say they just stay there even if the event they are advertising has passed.

Chic Grant, owner of Outdoor Action (Scotland), told the Herald: “Posters are being put up all over the town and it is absolutely ridiculous.

“They are put up and then sometimes left there for months on end.

“The High Street has already had comparisons to a ghost town and this just makes it even worse.”

Angus Council confirmed that they knew about the situation surrounding fly-posting in the High Street and added they would keep an eye on it.

A spokeswoman for the authority said: “The council is aware of this matter and will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the advertising material is removed on conclusion of the forthcoming events.”

This comes just a week after weeds growing out of the pavements were also blamed for making the High Street look rundown.