Academy aims for Guinness World Record

A STRANGE sight will greet passers-by today (Friday) if they happen to glance at Arbroath Academy.

The school playing fields will play host to as many as 400 people in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records for the most people to complete a bleep test.

Almost 300 Academy staff and pupils, along with students from Angus College and members of the public will have to make it past level five on a 20-metre shuttle run to count towards the record.

To put it into perspective, to join the Royal Navy and RAF applicants must achieve a rating of 9.10 and army officers must reach 10.2.

David McLeish, Active Schools coordinator for Angus, who is organising and adjudicating the event said: “This is a very ambitious attempt, which is being led by the school through its PE staff.

“We have good links with Angus College and their sports students are signing up too. Although space is limited to a maximum of 400 runners, we are looking to break the record of 324, set by a college in Canada last year.

“We expect this to generate a lot of interest and I would encourage anyone who has a link to the school to get in touch and take part.

“The chance to get into the Guinness Book of Records doesn’t come along every day!”