A step in the right direction

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Arbroath’s court house may not long be empty as the action group progress to secure the buildings as a community asset.

The successful public meeting in May gave the group confidence that the Arbroath community backed the project and they are looking for as much input from local people as possible.

Working to finalise a Constitution in the next two weeks, the group are hoping to soon announce their designation as ‘Arbroath Court House Development Trust.

Once approved the group can access funding and support bodies.

Immediate funding is required to complete the necessary detailed fabric survey and to appoint a consultant.

A court action group spokesperson said: “We are continuing to appraise different models used elsewhere in the UK where buildings have been brought into community ownership.

“The group have been pleasantly surprised by the positive response made by these Trusts and their kind offers of help.

“We are especially heartened by the positive response to date from the Arbroath Community.”

All suggestions are taken account of and will form part of the consultation process which will take place in January, when the whole community will have the opportunity to share in the decision.

To follow the progress visit Arbroath Court House on Facebook or email lynn@mackayboatbuilders.co.uk