A replica stone of destiny does exist!

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AFTER reading a letter last week regarding a replica of the Stone of Destiny, one reader has solved the mystery.

In his letter, Wallace Ferrier questioned why there wasn’t a replica of the stone, which was used during the crowning of Scottish kings and queens.

However, Norman Atkinson of Forfar has this week come forward to say there is a replica and it has been used during an Abbey Pageant event.

Norman explained: “I read with interest the letter in your column last week from Wallace Ferrier suggesting that we should have a copy of the Stone of Destiny at the Abbey.

“Well, we already have one!

“In 2000 I was part of the Abbey Pageant, and we used the copy of the stone as part of the set in one of the various Pageant activities that year.

“I remember Lawrence Tait and I being the ones who first lifted it from its resting place in the Regality Tower. It was quite a weight!

“Apparently it had been made in the 1950s for the Pageant Society to use in a float in a procession.

“After the events of 2000, it was returned to the Regality Tower.

“In subsequent correspondence with Historic Scotland I was able to confirm that the stone belonged to the Pageant Society.”

l Pictured with the stone in 2000 when it was used in an Abbey Pageant is Norman Atkinson.