£5 coin misunderstanding

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A LOCAL customer of Macdonalds was annoyed at the end of last week when he went to the Arbroath outlet for a breakfast meal and tried to spend the £5 coin he had received in change from a petrol station.

He explained: “Initially the cashier accepted it but after driving to the second window to collect my meal, the server informed me the duty manager would not accept my coin as she had never seen one before!

“Neither had I but I know they exist. I had to reverse back and pay by card, so I’m voicing my annoyance at my legitimate currency being refused.”

The business manager at Macdonalds, Westway, Claire McInally, responded: “I am very sorry for the way this customer was treated. He was served by a new member of staff who had not seen a £5 coin before.

“It was simply a mix-up. The staff member should probably have spoken to the manager but it was a genuine misunderstanding.”