Well I’ll be ‘Dammie’d’

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Last week’s nostalgia photograph of three young tearaways by ‘The Dammie’ prompted a reader to write in with his reminiscences.

The gentleman’s letter has caused us to reprint the photograph in full, as we had cropped out the bottom section due to space constrictions.

It now shows a proud swan at the Dammie, no doubt the original focus of the photographer, not the scamps clambering over walls in the background!

We had surmised that the picture had been taken post-1930s given the architecture of the building in the background.

Our reader wrote: “Yes, these flats were built in the 1930s and they were a treat for most tenants as they had inside toilets and real bathrooms for the first time in their lives.

“They all had gas lighting, but this was updated in the early 1950s when everyone got electricity.

“Note the electric lamppost on the right hand side of the picture.

“The building facing was on the edge of a grassy area halfway up Airlie Crescent, the gable end building is facing down Strathmore Avenue which crossed over with the top of Airlie Crescent.

“The tall chimney belonged to Shank’s Engineering Factory which produced industrial lawnmowers and which is now the site of the Furniture Recycling Project.

“The Dammie Dyke was a popular shortcut not only for children going to school but also for adults cutting through the Wyndies going to work at Douglas Fraser’s and so on.

“Happy days.”

Unfortunately the gentleman did not include his name, but if he were to contact us we would happily give him a credit for his efforts.

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