Sex and death an attractive prospect

The cast of the Abbey Theatre Club's production of 'Fatal Attraction'.
The cast of the Abbey Theatre Club's production of 'Fatal Attraction'.

The Abbey Theatre Club have produced a play with an irresistible and deadly pull for their first production of 2017.

‘Fatal Attraction’ by Bernard Slade is a twisting of murder and desire in the best noire detective traditions.

Set on an isolated New England island, a dastardly plan swings into action and the bodies begin to drop. Only a washed-up old detective has the nous to solve the bloody puzzle.

Maddie Simpson mesmerises as Blair Griffin, a fading starlet who witnesses her husband’s murder at first hand. Maddie captivates as the fiercely intelligent, borderline sociopathic actress who seems to be pulling all the strings.

Byron Rodriguez sets up the secrets nicely as the ill-fated artist, Morgan Griffin, who comes to a sticky end.

James Robb utterly convinces as the jittery, socially awkward paparazzi Tony Lombardi, a man who gets far too close to his subjects for anyone’s good.

Jim Shaw wears the hangdog detective’s mask with great poise, his delivery of Lieutenant Gus Braden’s noir-ish one-liners dripping with the right amount of bourbon and broken promises.

His partner Doris (Annie Sherry-Moore) the perfect foil, a polar opposite trying to keep the alcoholic Braden on track.

Heather Osborne is Maggie Stratten, Blair’s agent, and she brings to life a complicated character who proves central to the plot.

Off-stage voice acting is provided by Alan Christison, Debbi Proctor and Hilary Tasker.

We say it every time, but the stage crew have done a tremendous job with the set, there were plenty of places to hide bodies in this play!

Congratulations to producer Heather Osborne who has crafted this darkly humorous tale of fame and love creating an irresistible recipe for murder.