Royal recognition as life-saving Lichtie James receives accolade

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Arbroath man James Williamson has been honoured by the Queen with the status of Member of the Order of St John.

The accolade was announced recently in the London Gazette.

Former Royal Navy diver James, of Thornton Gardens, is one of the Order’s Scottish Ambulance First Responders; individuals trained to assist at traumatic incidents like cardiac arrest until the arrival of the ambulance.

He is the co-ordinator for responders in the Arbroath area, and is also in charge of the six public-access defibrillators which the Rotary Club of Arbroath installed in the community.

As ‘Guardian’ of the defibrillators (the Order’s technical term) he is responsible for ensuring the machines work and replenishing pads and similar consumable accessories; and if readers find his face familiar, he is well known in and around Arbroath for promoting the Order with a St John stall at numerous events.

James works in the oil industry as an IT specialist, having graduated in the discipline at Abertay University in Dundee after leaving the Navy – and is using his expertise to improve communication among First Responders in the area by developing their own dedicated website.

He will be invested with the insignia of Member of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem – the Order’s full name – by the Prior of St John Scotland, Major General Mark Strudwick, in Aberdeen during the Festival of St John in June.