Rising ‘Ironstar’ needs your help

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An Arbroath-based film studio is hoping to get a special Christmas present this year in the shape of a successful crowdfunder for their new sci-fi film.

The crowdfunder for Ironstar Films’ latest production, ‘Tellurian’ finishes early January, and it is hoped that the Christmas Spirit extends to the independent film industry to allow them to realise their most ambitious project to date.

‘Tellurian’ tells the tale of an alien invasion of Earth which has robbed the world of its children, and a ragtag militia trying to protect possibly the last child on the planet.

Graeme Carr, Dean Pearson, Peter Birnie and Allan Jennings, are the brains behind Ironstar Films, which has since its inception in June 2014 produced a number of well-received short films which have garnered critical success at film festivals.

Graeme Carr said: “Every film we have done is leading us to our feature film project that we have in development.

“Every short is a stepping stone in learning new skills and techniques. So it is inevitable that with each project our ambitions grow. In order to grow as filmmakers we have had to expand our shooting schedule, from one or two days to six or eight; expand our locations. from Arbroath to all across Scotland; our cast, from around five main cast on ‘Bloodloss’ to around 15 on Tellurian; our props, we are getting a 2.5 m space pod custom built and alien soldier costumes custom-made instead of raiding Primark!

“We know it’s coming up to Christmas and money is tight for everyone. But we believe that our projects not only allow us to have fun, but we get to promote Arbroath in a positive light not only in Scotland but all over the world.

“We also like to think that we provide a solid platform for people who need experience and exposure to show their talents. Craig McGinlay who has featured in ‘Bloodloss’ and ‘Killshot’ has since gone on to work with Guy Ritchie on ‘Legend of King Arther’ with Charlie Hunam and Jude Law. Local actor Chris O’Mara has been a stalwart in all our shorts to date and he also has used them as a springboard into other projects including upcoming feature films and exciting projects on the stage in 2017.

“We are looking to raise around £3000-£4000 to cover the shooting of the film which begins in February and also into March. The funding will cover location costs,transport, prop building, wardrobe, special effects and music/sound. We are also contributing as much as we can to the project. No one is getting paid from it. It’s a real passion project for everyone involved. We are covering costs for food and accommodation for cast and crew when needed. There are a range of perks and items on offer on the Indiegogo page to say thanks for every contribution.

“We expect the film to do very well in festivals which will again hopefully provide further opportunities for the team before beginning our feature film project which will eventually lead to the team being self sufficient in terms of film funding. That’s the plan anyway.”

You can contribute to the crowdfunder at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tellurian-short-film-movie#/