Put things in order with Will Aid

LOCAL solicitors are taking part in Will Aid’s ‘Make A Will Month’ next month. Instead of charging their usual fees for a basic will, they will invite will-makers to make a donation to the Will Aid charities. The solicitors are now booking appointments and advise you to book early as demand is bound to be high.

Solicitors know only too well the hardship caused to loved ones when someone dies without a will and are keen to help local people avoid the problems it causes.

Many of us put off making a will often until it is too late. In the UK around 60 per cent of deaths are intestate. This means that the deceased’s estate is distributed according to a precise set of rules which very often does not reflect their wishes.

For example, people who are not legally married or in a civil partnership are not automatically entitled to anything from the estate of their partner. There are even financial limits on what a surviving legally married person can receive.

This may be less than the value of the family home, possibly forcing its sale to pay off other relatives. As a result, many surviving loved ones may have to endure a drawn out legal process and a good deal of emotional stress.

Will Aid provides an affordable way to avoid leaving such a mess behind, protect loved ones and give to charity at the same time. The suggested donation is £85 for a single will, £125 for mirror wills or £40 for a codicil or change to a previous will.

Will Aid has also teamed up with Certainty, the national will register, to offer Will Aid clients the opportunity to register the location of their will for free. The usual cost is £30. When a will is needed, the register enables loved ones to quickly and easily locate it.

This is a great chance to help loved ones by ensuring that they are provided for in the future and to help people in need around the world. The money raised is shared between the participating charities - ActionAid, Age UK, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Save the Children, Sightsavers, SCIAF and Trocaire - and provides vital funds to help people to build their communities and improve their future in the UK and around the world. Last November, over 19,000 clients, made their wills with Will Aid, raising over £1.5 million, for the Will Aid charities.

With preparation and the help of a Will Aid solicitor, making a will need not to be difficult. The Will Aid website at www.willaid.org.uk has lots of information to help, including a useful will planner.

It’s so easy to take part in Will Aid. Simply find a convenient solicitor at www.willaid.org.uk or by ‘phoning 0300 0300 013. Call the solicitor as soon as possible to make an appointment for November and get peace of mind from knowing your affairs are in order.