NSU as good as new!

editorial image

AN ARBROATH man recently resumed a 50-year love affair with a popular German built two-wheel runabout.

Bob Smart, 55 Bellevue Gardens, has restored the example in the picture with the aid of his stepsons, Jeff and Andrew Ross.

He explained that he had bought the bike online last year as a ‘basket case’ and has restored it to pristine condition. It recently passed its MoT with flying colours.

The bike is a two-stroke NSU Quickly 50cc model of which over 1.5 million were made in Germany between 1953 and 1963. Many were imported into the UK where the market was strong. It decimated the traditional market which had been dominated by Raleigh, Norman, New Hudson, Excelsior, etc., by providing reliable two-stroke transport and 150 mpg, all for £59 (1959 prices).

Mr Smart bought his first Quickly in 1959 when he was just a ‘young lad’. His wife does not believe he ever grew up!