Memory boxes for Balhousie residents

Rummage boxes at Balhousie Care Homes.
Rummage boxes at Balhousie Care Homes.

A competition by one of Scotland’s leading care home providers has left a lasting impression on residents and their families.

Balhousie Care Group’s Dementia Ambassadors were tasked with creating unique ‘rummage boxes’ for residents as part of the company’s ‘Together We’re Great’ initiative.

They worked with the residents and their families to create the personalised boxes so that they would evoke special memories.

Rummage box themes varied depending on the residents; one box took on a school theme, containing items which evoked memories of the resident’s time at school such as a pair of plimsolls and some chalk. Another box had a farming theme, with pictures of tractors and toy farm animals.

Each of Balhousie Care Group’s 25 care homes, including those in Angus, has two dedicated dementia Ambassadors who work together with Balhousie’s dementia consultant, Yvonne Manson, and other dementia ambassadors across the company.

Speaking of the positive impact the competition had, Yvonne said: “I was blown away by all the fantastic entries to the memory rummage box competition and the difference this has made for the residents was evident to see. This is exactly why we created the Dementia Strategy and it shows how our new Together We’re Great initiative is working, with residents and staff coming together to create something special. Creating these memory rummage boxes gives residents the physical objects that are likely to trigger memories from their past. It’s been so heart-warming to see pictures and hear from ambassadors how residents reacted to the box that held memories special to them.”

The winners of the competition were Pat Lawrie and Darlene Collins from Monkbarns Care Home in Arbroath, both winning £30 of vouchers which they donated to future sensory projects. For more on Balhousie Care Group