Madcap panto a treat for families

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The Abbey Theatre Club have gone old school, real old school, with this year’s time-travelling pantomime epic.

‘Jurassic Panto’ by Alan Christison is a fantastical romp though as the heroes try to fix time itself and ensure that all is right with the world.

The show has lots to recommend itself, from the hilariously madcap writing by Alan Christison, to the great performances from the young cast.

In particular we loved the ‘live’ carnival which saw audience members try their luck at various games, a brilliant twist to the format.

Special mention must be made of the great costumes - from the endless supply of outrageous dame’s outfits to the dinosaurs themselves.

Alan Christison was suitably eccentric as Prof. Heinz Beanz, the inventor of the time machine at the heart of our story.

Violet Thomson was in great voice and garnered plenty of boos as villain Stinky Pinky.

Gregor Milne played perfectly as Morris Dancer, the shy hero of our piece, and Bobbi Gray impressed with her vocals as Carol Singer, our heroine.

Abbey favourites Sheila Ratcliffe and Irene Lindsay were back on form as our slightly dotty fairies, Bessie and Jessie.

Stinky Pinky’s minions Bacon and Egg (Heather Osborne and Tracy Gibson) entertained with their daft antics and breaking into song whenever possible.

Brian Boardman excelled as Mama Mia, playing the panto dame with relish and a generous dollop of innuendos.

Mention must also be made of the talented youngsters of the tribe of cavemen led by Kelsey McKenzie and including Emma Smith, Cean Lyons, Corbie Smith, Iona Balaj, Cyra Lyons, Tia Douglas and Rachel Williams. Also of the lovable dinosaurs played by Terri-Marie Baker and Annie Sherry-Moore.

There were also hilarious cameos from Dave Ferguson as Health & Safety Man; Alan Johnston as a harassed Santa; and Steven Dunbar who entertained as hapless pseudo-dame Specky Becky and chat show host Jeremy Vile.

The show runs until tomorrow night (Saturday) and we hope you get a chance to see this great production.