Little Wull the Gull swoops in to help

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An Arbroath man diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease has put his storytelling skills to good use to create a fundraising children’s book.

Frank Murray (74) was diagnosed with MND last year, but the indomitable pensioner has not been deterred and has written ‘Little Wull the Gull’ to raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

The small picture books are loosely-based on Frank’s own amusing experiences clearing gull nests for the council.

However, this is not the first Little Wull The Gull story, although the first version was a little more adult-orientated in the content!

Frank said: “I wrote another one about Little Wull The Gull 20 years ago. The reason I did so was because I was had the contract in 1985 to move all the nests and eggs, it was a big deal at athat time to get all the gulls out of the town.”

This latest book was inspired by a friend undertaking a sponsored cycle for MND, and 300 books were produced and distributed to various outlets around the town.

A significant number have already sold, at £4 each, and although there are some left in places such the Lochlands Bar, the Shell Garage and a few local shops, Frank is well on course to raise over £1000 for charity.

He said: “I never actually had much doubt I thought it was a good little story for somebody to read to their children and they can look at the pictures as well. The response I got from my daughters as well was good.

“People have ‘phoned in from all over, including Glasgow, and somebody from abroad ‘phoned over who must have seen it on Facebook.”

Little Wull’s amusing exploits were illustrated by local artist Val Shuff and Calden Motors kindly sponsored the printing of the books. Frank’s daughters Lesley, Jill and their friend Christine McDonald have helped distribute copies.

According to Frank’s wife, Anne, capturing the exploits of the mischievous wee gull has been of great benefit.

She said: “It’s given Frank an interest just now. It’s difficult when you can’t get out and you don’t have any hobbies, so it’s given him a bit of a lift.”

Frank has more stories in the pipeline, so watch this space!