Kenzy rushed to London for transplant

The Oliver family, Nicky, Michelle and Kenzy, in an ambulance on their way down to London.
The Oliver family, Nicky, Michelle and Kenzy, in an ambulance on their way down to London.

A young Arbroath boy has been given a “second chance of life” according to his parents after a liver donor was found for a critical transplant.

Kenzy Oliver (7) was born with a rare liver condition, biliary atresia, which is when inflammation develops within the bile ducts around the time of birth.

The inflammation can occur in any of the bile ducts both inside and outside the liver and this leads to bile duct damage, reducing the flow of bile, which causes scarring of the liver.

A breathing problem was brought on by his condition and as a result Kenzy had to go on oxygen 24 hours a day and was placed as a high priority on the liver transplant list.

Yesterday (Friday), Kenzy’s parents Michelle and Nicky got the long-awaited call to say a matching liver had been found and they were rushed down to King’s College Hospital in London for the transplant operation.

Prior to Kenzy’s operation Nicky told the Herald: “We received the call today (Friday) just after 2pm to say a liver has been found and that we were getting a second chance of life for Kenzy. After two ambulances and a air ambulance we are now in London awaiting to find out if the liver is compatible.”

Fortunately the liver was compatible and Kenzy underwent his life-changing operation this morning. Earlier this afternoon his aprents posted the following update on Facebook: “That’s Kenzy out of surgery and in recovery, get to see him in half an hour or so.

“Kenzy got a full left side of a liver at a good size that fills most of the space provided.

“He had huge shunts which was causing his breathing condition and all have been tied off. Can take upto six months to be off his oxygen but only time will tell.

“He had a full blood transfusion as left cut livers bleed more at the cut but nothing not normal for his operation and is expected in all kids transplants.

“He is being left in a sleep state for today to minimise any movement and stress to his new liver and should be woken at some point tomorrow.

“So now only time will tell on how it will take and how fast of a recovery he will take.

“His surgery has taken 6/6.25hours to do which is relatively a good time for something so complex.

“Thank you all for your messages and support it’s been good to read and help pass the time whilst he has been away.”