D’Ye Mind Lang Syne? October 5, 2012

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AT THE end of 1971, Nan Cuthbert retired as office manager of the Herald Press Ltd, Brothock Mill, publishers of the Arbroath Herald. She was presented with gifts to mark her long service by Mr George B. Lowe, managing director.

Pictured at the ceremony are many of the Herald staff at the time. They are, from left, back row – Jessie Laird, Nellie Donald, Maisie Baird, Alison Smith, Norma Stewart, and Colin Archer.

Middle row - Jim Holmes, Ian Fairweather, Bob Smith, Dave Fairweather, George Cant, Allan Archer and Rodney Bowman.

Front row - George S. Shepherd, editor; Norman Petrie, John McDougall, Edward S. Nicoll, company secretary; Donald Forbes, Rich Cargill, Francis Marnie, Mr Lowe, Bert Lowe, Miss Cuthbert, Neil Melville, Evelyn Page, Nor Riddle and James C. Milne.