D’Ye Mind Lang Syne, October 28, 2011

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ARBROATH Girl Guides pictured at Arbroath High School following their Thinking Day service in 1940.

They are, from left, back row - May Wyllie and Lily Smith.

Second row - --------, Alison Kinnear, Beenie Rooney, Pat Edwards, Nessie Watt, Betty Mitchell, Norma McLeod, Jenny Grace and Ruth Thomson.

Third row - Kathleen Stewart, Marjory Lindsay, Margaret Wilson, Sheila Robb, Sadie Mitchell, --------, Betty Robertson, Gladys Law and Jean Smith.

Front row - Vina Pattullo, Betty Petrie, Margaret Hill, Betty Gunning, Hilda May Fox, Jean Clark, Rosie Law, -------- and Ina Thomson.