D’ye Mind Lang Syne, May 6, 2011

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PRIMARY seven pupils at Inverbrothock Primary School in 1983. Significantly, all will be 40 this year!

They are, from left, back row - Patricia Ritchie, Gary Martin, Kirsten Mullett, Norman Smith, Nicola Mullet, Vaughan Marnie, Frank Yeats and teacher Mrs Spalding: second row - Paul Spink, Craig Willox, Michael Webster, Richard Burns, Adrian Robertson, Mark Reid, Kevin Tindal and Anthony Fairweather: third row - Kerry Douthwaite, Victoria Cruickshanks, Caroline Menmuir, Hazel Dewar, Elaine Moore, Miranda Watt and Gillian Robbie: front row - John Lawless, David Craik, Steven French and Robin Greenhill.