D’Ye Mind Lang Syne, June 15, 2012

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PUPILS of Class 4B at Timmergreens Primary School in 1972.

They are, from left, back row - Miss Doig, teacher; Colin Edgar, Neil Stirling, Larry Whyte, Steven Swan, Stephen Plomer, Shaun Cockcroft, Mark Halliday, Alistair Ferrier and Ian Dear.

Second row - Jacqueline Tait, Wilson Miller, Fiona McLeish, Muriel Maclean, Caroline Robb, Suzanne Sutton-Jones, Shirley Wood and Pauline Greenhill.

Third row - Diane Anderson, Audrey Berry, Audrey Henderson, Sandra Fairweather, Barbara Ross, Karen Johnstone, Kathleen Robb, Gail Davidson and Diane Lawrie.

Front row - Alan Tasker, Richard Drummond, Garry Shaw, Paul Wilson, Andrew Whitton and Steven Adams.