D’Ye Mind Lang Syne, Friday, December 7, 2012

Langsyne Arbroath Herald 7.12.12
Langsyne Arbroath Herald 7.12.12

No. 2428

IN JUNE, 1985, girls of the 1st St Vigeans Brownie Pack started collecting money for the Primary Health Care Project launched by the Girl Guides. They raised £20 towards providing health care for children in the Kalutara district of Sri Lanka by collecting 1p pieces in Smartie tubes.

Pictured at a meeting in Warddykes Primary School are, from left, back row - Alison Nicoll, Snowy Owl; Susan Peters, Elaine Stirling, Nicola Smyllie, Mhoraig Gillon, Ashley Wright, Kirsty Fairweather, Fiona Angus Louise Wilson, Carol Tollerton, Brown Owl; and Gill Wilson, young leader.

Second row - Alison Hannah, Tawny Owl; Naomi Adams, Raelene King, Samantha ------, Karen Hannah, Arlene Pearson, Gillian Hannah, Laura McIntosh, Diane Mann and Elaine Marnie.

Front row - Karen Smith, Lorna Greenhill, Cheryl Scotland, Claire Guild, Shelley McFarlane and Sonja Mowatt.