D’Ye Mind Lang Syne February 1, 2013

Langsyne 1.2.13 Arbroath Herald.
Langsyne 1.2.13 Arbroath Herald.

THE FINAL of the 1987 Watter Cup competition was contested at Gayfield by Muirfield and Inverbrothock primary schools, with the latter team running our winners by a 4-1 margin.

Pictured before the kick off are, from left, back row - Andy Webster, linesman; Bob Carswell, referee; and Gary Mitchell, linesman. Middle row: Muirfield - Bryan Birse, Steven Christie, Lee Jones, Gavin Swankie, Barry Sellars, captain; Jonathan Mitchell, Grant Nicoll, Darren Burnett, Bruce Wallace, Michael Taylor, Barry Davies, Steven Harvey and Grant Cargill.

Front row: Inverbrothock - Craig Noble, Steven Martin, Alan Stewart, Gavin Munro, Graeme Hodgens, Michael Martin, captain; Wayne Parker, Andrew Spence, Alastair Wyllie, Dale Martin, Scott Swankie, Christopher Smith and Alan Mowatt.

The trophy was presented by Arbroath FC manager John Young.