D’Ye Mind Lang Syne, December 2, 2011

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AS THE ‘Year of the Light’ to mark the 200th anniversary of the Bell Rock Lighthouse draws to its conclusion after a wonderful programme of disparate events, we thought it appropriate to look back 25 years to the occasion of the 175th anniversary in 1986.

Our picture shows member of Arbroath Ladies’ Lifeboat Guild at the Bell Rock with keepers and others.

Pictured are, from left - ----------, John Boath, head keeper; John Ness, honorary secretary of Arbroath Lifeboat; ----------, ----------, Ross McGilchrist, keeper; Charlie Riding, keeper; Helen Gilruth, honorary secretary, Arbroath Ladies’ Lifeboat Guild; Betty Low, guild committee; Margaret McAndrew, treasurer; Muriel Robb, honorary president; ----------, Sonia Nelson, committee; Margaret Fairlie, committee; Dave Cargill, lifeboat mechanic; and Dave Cargill junior.