D’Ye Mind Lang Syne, August 19, 2011

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AT THE end of March, 1987, three long-serving senior NCOs of 212 (Highland) Battery, Royal Artillery (Volunteers) were presented with inscribed tankards from their colleagues in the Sergeants’ Mess when they retired from service.

The gifts were handed over by the Battery Sergeant Major WOII Tom Fraser to Staff Sergeant George Ritchie, 26 years’ service; Sergeant Robert Russell, 17 years’ service; and Sergeant Bill Hinnells, 10 years’ service.

Pictured at the informal ceremony in the Sergeants’ Mess at the Battery’s Montrose Road headquarters are, from left, back - Doug Petrie, Jim Coutts, Dennis Smith, --------, Norrie Robertson, Ron Sutherland, Don Naismith, John McLeod and Bob Rose.

Front - Bob Russell, George Ritchie, Tom Fraser, Bill Hinnells, Dick Balbirnie and John Terry.