D’Ye Mind Lang Syne, April 6, 2012

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CLASS 1a/ 2a at Timmergreens Primary School in either 1969 or 1970. The teachers were Miss Horn and Mrs Wills.

Pictured are, from left, back row - Debbie Riley, Betsy Spink, Elaine Freeburn, Audrey Henderson, Catherine Garden, Gail Taylor, Jaqui Elliot, Linda Ramsay, Caroline Robb and Vivienne Ross.

Second row - Alan Tasker, Jeff Petrie, Neil Shepherd, David McLaren, Mark Christie, Ian Duthie, John Watt, Alistair Ferrier, Mark Halliday, Gary McDonald, Paul Munro and Edward Boyd.

Third row - Louise Ashton, Denise Crichton, Gail Davidson, Sandra Gall, Isobel Mackay, Sonia Kennedy, Alana Begg, Audrey Geddes, Lesley Whitton, Lorraine Martin, Sandra Fairweather, Susan Brown and Karen Smith.

Front row - Darryl Marnie, Danny Powell, Mike Hutchison, Scott Nairn, David McKelvie, Eric McKenzie, David Nicoll, Neil Stirling and Paul Richardson.