D’Ye Mind Lang Syne, April 29, 2011

editorial image

THIS Lang Syne picture has a historical significance as it shows the youngsters and officials of Rancel Boys’ Club before they set off on their first out of town trip.

Over the Easter weekend of 1984 the boys travelled to Liverpool and watched The Reds beat West Ham 6-0. They had a tour of both grounds and each team played a match against local children of their own age.

Pictured are, from left, back - Ian Gorman, Jamie Bruce, Joe Edwards, Paul Jarret, Mike Napier, Bob Beedie, Andrew Coull, Jim Sharpe, Paul Wood, Ally Dailly, Sonny McPhail, Gary Whyte, Bill Coull, David McGregor, Ian Webster, Jason Price, Jim Liddel, Mike Heenan, Scott MacPherson, Chris McGrouther, Darren Cook, Jamie Norman, Mark Garret, Andy McFarlane, Gordon Smith, Paul Simpson, Ian Whyte, Steven Bennet, Billy Reid, Gordon Ewan, Martin Banks, Ronnie Webster, David Towns, Calum Smith, Alex Wallace, Steven Sharpe, Lee Wood, Don Wood, John Kelly, Jim McGarvey, Dougal McPhail, Scott Wallace, Graham Craig and Alex Smith: front - Kevin Melville, Stuart Geddes, David Sinclair, Paul Carswell, Mike Cameron, David Wood, Gary Scott, Jason Bremner, Glen Laird, Mark Crumblish, Colin Liddell, Stuart Smith, Scott Cargill, Con Hegarty, Kev Bremner, Ronnie Clark, Greg Alexander, Keith Menmuir and David Doran.