D’Ye Mind Lang Syne ...

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This week Bob Smart has furnished us with a festive photograph showing Arbroath Academy staff at Christmas 1974 for the dinner dance in honour of the retiral of rector Sandy Crawford.

Seated are: Jimmy Nicol, David Byres, Bob Shepherd, John Irving, Alisdair Bruce, Jack Scott, incoming rector; Mr Crawford, Bert Finlayson, deputy rector; Stewart Dilly, Alistair Julian and Scott Kydd. Amongst those standing are: Lilly Anderson, Moira Perry, Francis Laing, Erica Downie, Alma Ruark, Wilma McGregor, Ms Knott, Helena Forbes, Robin Sturrock, Dave Geekie, Dave Whitton, I. Doug, Ian Grant, Rob Pond, Dennis Robb, Peter Deshpande, Robert Smart, Rod Brown, head of physics; Ken Miller, Arthur Clark, Bill Bedburgh, Paul Holder, Bob Beedie, John Gavin, Ron Cruickshanks and George Robertson.