D’Ye Mind Auld Lang Syne Friday, March 15, 2013

Langsyne 15.3.13 Arbroath Herald.
Langsyne 15.3.13 Arbroath Herald.

No. 2441

Senior pupils of St Vigeans Primary School in 1985 took part in the BBC ‘Doomsday’ Project.

It involved taking an area around the school and detailing each square kilometre stating what was growing in the fields, what sort of house was there, etc.

Under the direction of their head teacher, Mrs Norma Scothern, the youngster also took photographs and slides.

Some of the class members interviewed Arbroath librarian Alistair Sutherland.

Pictured on that occasion are, from left - Brian Cooper, Desmond Cotton, Marcia Prow, Mr Sutherland, Mrs Scothern and Michael Patterson.