Claim doctors ignored Arbroath woman’s cancer

Mrs Meldrum.
Mrs Meldrum.

AN ARBROATH mother who has been plagued with health problems has claimed doctors failed to spot she was actually suffering from cancer.

Louise Meldrum had been complaining of a number of ailments including back pains, exhaustion and abdominal pains.

But she says her symptoms were never fully investigated and it was only when she visited a homoeopathy doctor that they sensed something was wrong.

Eventually Louise, pictured, underwent surgery for a hysterectomy and it was only after the operation that she was told she had ovarian cancer.

But she told the Herald that after looking through her medical notes, it says that doctors knew she had cysts and despite suffering from intense pain nothing was ever done about it.

She said: “I was in so much pain and I was trying different things to ease it but it just wasn’t going away.

“It was just getting worse and worse.

“It was like people weren’t even listening to what I was saying or how I was feeling.”

After the operation Mrs Meldrum had to undergo chemotherapy treatment which has now been completed but she is unemployed after being paid off from her job.

On receiving her medical notes she says they show that in 1995 it was found she had cysts but she claims nothing was ever done about it.

And now she wants to know why the cancer wasn’t picked up before.

She added: “You wonder whether they bothered to look back at my history.

“I feel like nobody was listening and it is hard when you are not a medical person to understand what is happening.

“If it wasn’t for the homoeopathy doctor who insisted I went to hospital it could have been a different story.”

Due to the fact that a complaint was made on Mrs Meldrum’s behalf by a third party, NHS Tayside was unable to make a full comment.

However, a spokesperson for the body said: “NHS Tayside complaints and advice team are aware of this lady’s concerns and are looking into them.”