Chris’s sponsored cycle in memory of dad

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AN ARBROATH man who now lives in Turriff will undertake a sponsored cycle ride from his home to Arbroath Abbey on Sunday, May 1, to raise money for Cancer Research in memory of his father who died from the disease in 2009.

Chris Dall has already lost three stones in weight due to his heavy training regime in preparation for the event. He will be accompanied on the 100-mile trip by his uncle Jimmy Dall, who was also born in Arbroath and who now resides at Hitchin, near Luton, and a work colleague, Shaun Henderson, from Aberdeen.

Chris said: “Dad was the eldest son of six and was brought up in Horologe Hill. He went to school at Hayshead and then on to Arbroath High School.

“When he left school, dad used to help my granda John deliver washing machines throughout Arbroath before starting an apprenticeship as a turner with Williamson Engineering. He then trained as a machinist with Williamson’s before leaving to work in Aberdeen in 1980. Dad was also a member of the Arbroath Artisan Golf Club and was a regular Saturday golfer.

“Dad married my mum, Irene Farquhar, from Bearfauld, by Arbroath, and they set up home in Wardmill Road where I was born and brought up until we left in 1980.”

“Unfortunately, dad died on July 10, 2009, aged 59 years. His brothers and sisters - Sylvia Whitton, Steven Dall, Sheila Emery, Linda Anderson and Bobby Dall - all still live in Arbroath.”

Chris concluded: “I regard this trip as a kind of coming home journey.”

Anyone who would like to support Chris should log on to