Charity stunt? You’re having a giraffe!

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Most charity challenges are gruelling, but for one fearless Arbroath man it was a real pain in the … leg!

Stuart Scott has so far raised £1200 in a sponsored challenge to have a tattoo of a giraffe done on his calf in support of the Nyumbani Scotland Charity (Children of God Relief Institute) in Kenya.

After a short postponement due to illness, Stuart, well-known in the town as proprietor of Stuart’s Fresh Fish and an active member of the Rotary Club of Arbroath, had the giraffe inked upon his left calf. The giraffe is the symbol of the Nyumbani charity and Stuart has cheerfully named it Gemma, after the artist at the Idle Hands Studio in Arbroath who did the tattoo for him.

Stuart has previously admitted to a fear of needles and blood, but according to him getting a tattoo to raise money for Nyumbani is a small price to pay.

Speaking to the Herald afterwards, Stuart said: “I’m just back from the Idle Hands Tattoo Studio and it was very sore!

“The girl who tattooed me is called Gemma so ‘Gemma the giraffe’ is now the name of the back of my left leg.

“I felt like fainting early on in the process but I never did.

“After my trip to Ninewells, and then missing my original tattoo appointment in November, I was in a little panic when I tried to re-book the tattoo as Idle Hands were busy up until March! Thankfully, once I explained that I was going to the orphanage in Kenya and really wanted to show and tell the kids about my fundraiser, I got fitted in.”

The Nyumbani Scotland Charity, which is supported by the Rotary, among others, currently provides a primary and secondary school for children in the area as well as a state-of-the-art HIV screening laboratory which helps to keep the children free of AIDS.

Fellow Rotarian Alison Stedman has over the last 15 years arranged a number of work parties from Arbroath which have gone over to complete various projects in Nyumbani. In addition, Stuart’s daughter Abbey, a member of Arbroath Rotaract, has also been on a work party and it is through them that he was introduced to the idea.

Stuart and his wife, Audrey, will going to Nyumbani this year with the Rotary work party and he hopes to be able to present the money to Sister Mary who runs the centre.

While there the work party will paint a girls’ secondary school and repair and decorate buildings in Nyumbani village which is around four to five hours from the centre.

There is still time to sponsor Stuart, visit