Bride to be in weight loss success

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AN ARBROATH bride-to-be can now fit into her size 10 wedding dress after losing an amazing 10 stone.

Kate Colley (24) is originally from Bristol but moved to the town two years ago to be with her paratrooper boyfriend Niall.

But the feelings of homesickness and her dramatic life change saw her weight creep up to over 20 stone, meaning an action packed holiday taking part in bungee jumping and sky diving was out of the question.

Kate said: “I knew I was getting bigger so I decided to start swimming to try to get fit, but I kept eating huge portions and cakes.

“After six months of swimming, I got on the scales to check my weight and was horrified to be 20st 3lbs. I burst into tears in front of my boyfriend and finally admitted I was desperately unhappy with my body and needed help.”

At that point Kate decided she needed to turn her life around and signed up to the LighterLife plan with the help of Broughty Ferry based counsellor Lorraine Addyman.

And since starting the plan she has lost over 10 stone.

She added: “I have a new lease of life. I am now leading a much more active lifestyle with my boyfriend, exercising regularly and enjoying it.

“I want to use my new-found fitness to the fullest and really enjoy it. We also plan to hire jet skis, go white water rafting and bungee jumping.”

And to top off all of her weight loss success she is now engaged to be married to Niall, who proposed to her in Paris on Valentine’s Day.

And having already purchased her dream size 10 wedding dress, her weight loss means it is a perfect fit.