BBs celebrate 50 years

The Arbroath &th BB company celebrated its 50th Birtday on Friday evening. Wilma Ewart and her Father Earl Matthew MBE were pictured cutting the cake.
The Arbroath &th BB company celebrated its 50th Birtday on Friday evening. Wilma Ewart and her Father Earl Matthew MBE were pictured cutting the cake.

THERE was a ‘right Royal’ weekend of celebrations at St Andrew’s Church to mark the Golden Jubilee of the 7th Arbroath Boys’ Brigade.

On Friday an evening reception of invited guest and past officers and boys was held in the church.

Mrs Wilma H. Ewart, O.I.C. Junior Section welcomed everyone and invited Mr Andrew Welsh to propose a toast to the Company.

A special celebration cake was made by Keptie Bakery and cut by Captain Earl Matthew M.B.E. and Mrs Ewart, watched by the company.

A short service was then held in the Sanctuary led by the Company Chaplain and minister of St Andrew’s Church, the Rev. W. Martin Fair.

After worship an account was given by Mrs Ewart of the 50-year history of the Company before everyone retired to the hall for a buffet supper provided by the congregation and served by members of the Fellowship Core Group.

And on Saturday the annual inspection and presentation of awards took place, again in the wonderful surrounding of the Church Sanctuary. A large turnout of family and friends enjoyed a great night of Company drill and a musical item by pianist Cameron Spink.

The Company was dressed in 50th anniversary T-shirts and sang Disney songs. During the evening the Company was inspected by former Captain Mr Alex Spink. Awards were presented by his wife, Mrs Mary Spink, as follows.

Anchor Section Best Boy - Tom Christieson; Junior Section 2nd Year Best Boy - Josh Gall; 3rd Year Best Boy - Callum McIntosh; Marshall Trophy - Kein Speed; Company Section Recruit Shield - Calum Ferguson; Perfect Attendance - Rhys Cuthbert; Ewan Findlay Memorial Cup - Dale Taylor.

A special Commendation award was presented by Mr John Neil O.B.E., Brigade Hon. Vice-President, to Kein Speed for his commitment to B.B. while overcoming personal health problems. He is a determined young man and proud to be a member of the Brigade by participating as much as possible in the weekly activities.

Mr Fair made two retirement presentations.

Mrs Karen Gammie retired after 20 years’ service and was presented with the Brigade’s silver long service certificate and broach. Mr Fair thanked her for her loyal service and dedication to the company over the past 20 years. A crystal flower vase was presented from the Company on behalf of the officers and boys by Mrs W. H. Ewart.

The other retirement presentation was given to Captain Earl J. Matthew M.B.E., who founded the company 50 years ago. Throughout these years Mr Matthew, who was O.I.C. of the then Lifeboys, has seen a great number of boys in the community of Arbroath come up through the ranks of the brigade, and 24 of them have gained the highest award of the Queen’s Badge.

He was thanked most sincerely by Mr Fair for his life’s work to the church and Boys’ Brigade and was presented with a Long Service Certificate. The Company gave him a garden ornament of a wrought-iron B.B. Anchor. The meeting closed with the Benediction and then the boys and parents enjoyed tea and birthday cake.

A Sunday Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration of 50 years took place in the presence of Dundee and Angus Battalion hon. vice-president, Angus Provost Mrs Ruth Leslie Melville M.B.E. with Dundee and Angus Battalion president Colonel Jake Hensman, O.B.E. DL.

The service concluded the weekend’s celebrations. The officers of the Company, Mrs Sharon Jamieson and Mrs Mandy Tasker, Anchor Section, Mrs Wilma H. Ewart and Mrs Karen Gammie, Junior Section and Messrs. Michael Clark, Keith Ewart and Andrew Moore, Company Section thank all who played a part in making the special weekend such a great success.