Arbroath youngster finalist in garden makeover competition

Logan Watson
Logan Watson

An Arbroath boy is in with a chance of receiving a dream makeover for his garden, and winning would “mean the world” to his family.

Eight-year-old Logan Watson has Downs Syndrome, as well as hearing and visual impairments, and is one of five nominees for the The Scot-Turf Uk Family £5000 Garden Makeover Competition.

Scot Turf UK: Artificial Grass Specialists and Landscapers is hosting the contest on its Facebook page with members of the public being asked to ‘like’ the nominee’s post they would like to win.

Logan’s mum Jacqueline Watson, put him forward for the competition, and his nomination post on the Scot Turf UK Facebook page reads: “Jacqueline Watson is nominating her eight year old son who has down syndrome. Logan has hearing and visual impairments which make taking trips locally to the park ect. extremely challenging. Having a new garden would benefit the whole family greatly and make day to day life easier!”

Currently Logan is the forerunner with more than 3000 votes.

His mum Jacqueline told us: “It would mean the world to our family if he won.

“He has Downs Syndrome, a hearing impairment and a visual impairment, which is deteriorating, so he struggles with our garden not being flat.

“Also it can be very difficult for us to even go and play at the park due to his hearing and sight loss and also is lack of danger awareness.

“He also has two younger brothers, aged five and eight months, so it would benefit all of us to have a safe area that was suitable for the whole family.”

Voting closes on April 28 on